Antonius M. Hogebrandt Author—-Dreamer

Stockholm Sentinels

Aurora Boreali in sepia by Diogo Kamioka

I am working on a serial, Stockholm Sentinels which will be updated as I have the time. Currently only the first chapter is out, and only the two first have been introduced, but I decided to post this anyway.

The images are created through HeroMachine, and while it’s a nice and very useful tool that I like to use, its body types are limited, and the same is true about the positions you can place the characters in.

Without further ado, let us meet our main characters!

Mio Sund aka Duality

Spoonie powerhouse with a tricked-out wheelchair (courtesy of an inventor friend). Fey can boost feir physical abilities for a short time.

Note: Pictured without feir wheelchair

White person in jeans, combat boots and purple mask

Nolwazi Khumalo aka Spirit Hawk

Seven foot (215cm) tall Zulu-Swedish woman whose powers are connected to a mysterious chanting goshawk that she first spotted when visiting her grandfather in South Africa. She can fly, use a high-pitched call, and sprout claws to attack with, apart from being unusually strong.

Flying black woman in gray and orange, with a shaved head

Eila Gulliksdotter aka Eye of the Storm

Lost in time, Eila is a seer (vala/völva) from the 13th century. She can use her abilities to foresee where an enemy will be, and uses that to avoid blows, and to land her own with her heavy magical staff. With more time, she can use magic songs.

White woman in a purple gown and robe

Sir Julian Ashdown III

This trans masculine Gentleman-Adventurer is–like Eila–displaced in time, but unlike her also displaced in dimension. He is from a parallell timeline, a Victorian steampunk one. He dabbles in inventions and is an expert at both fisticuffs and fighting with his sword-cane.

Tanned man with a cane and tophat, dressed in a brown suit

Helena Johansson aka Corona

A cheerful, flamboyant physics postgraduate student who’s focused on electromagnetism. After being hit by lightning a few years ago, she developed the ability to control electromagnetic fields, giving her powers including flight, throwing lightning bolts and manipulation metal objects.

Note: Picture does not show that she’s chubby, but includes Crystalline Dragon

Chubby black woman with cornrows, dressed in red and yellow, with a teal dragon  by her feet

Crystalline Dragon

The infant dragon can speak telepathically and control plasma as well as fly, though it is far from as powerful as it will become in a few hundred years.