Antonius M. Hogebrandt Author—-Dreamer

Midnatt, the cat

Midnatt curled up in a desk tray by Antonius M. Hogebrandt

When me and my partner moved together, we both knew we wanted at least one cat. His family had two siamese cats, and my parents had a grey house cat, so we were used to pets. Fun fact, we’d bought a litter box and a travel bag about two moves and four years before we actually got the cat itself.

During midsummer of 2014 my parents talked about the kitten they were going to adopt. She had a sister–half-sister as it turns out–from the same litter, and no one had called dibs on her, so we did. While my parents claim that their Mitzi is the cuter of the two I think we all know that Midnatt (meaning Midnight) is the most adorable one! Wouldn’t you agree?