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Building a typographical brand

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While not all of the sites have been redesigned to match the new typography, I want to give a quick peek at the typography I will be using.

First, let’s go with what they all have in common:


There are six full levels of headers available, though normally only three levels are used. First three are cross-heads, which means that they’re centered. The first two levels are decorated with a symbol on either side, though the third level is not.

The headers are all following the typographic scale suggested in Typeplate, with the exception of the sixth level which is the same font-size as the paragraphs.

The fourth and fifth levels are indented sideheads, meaning they are left-aligned, with an indent equal to the paragraphs. The fifth level is italic.

Finally the sixth level is a run-in sidehead which means that it is the same size as the paragraph and the same colour as the paragraph.

Similarities across the sites

Headers one through four share one typeface, which will be unique for that particular site. Headers five and six are always small-caps bold Linux Libertine.


There are three styles of lead paragraph. The most common one is decorated with a single paragraph symbol in the beginning and no indent outside of that. The first few words are bold and smallcaps. Just like this one.

The second style is used only on stories: instead of the paragraph symbol, it uses Linux Libertine Initials for a drop cap, but keeps the first few words bold and smallcap. You guessed it: this paragraph shows off the nice dropcap.

The third style is explicitly a paragraph following a run-in sidehead, since the whole point of using that is to make the header part of the paragraph, so it has no decorations, no drop caps and no bold and smallcaps words.

Paragraphs following a paragraph, like this one, have an indent that matches the intended sideheads. The one exception there is the second paragraph after a run-in sidehead, which has no indent whatsoever.


All sites have two typefaces that are used throughout. The first one is mainly an accent, so it is used for headers and a few other choice places, and is unique to that site. The second one is Linux Libertine, a pleasant and readable serif with true smallcaps and italics.

Other sites

I will show mockups, mainly to give an idea of how it will look, since I have not finished the design update on either.

The accent typeface for Små is Atreyu, but as I prefer to not load that into this site (since it’s not used here outside this post), I have instead done a mockup and screenshotted that.

Headers in Atreyu

This site is even further away from being updated (I still need to get it over to Assemble), but as the header font will be a bold smallcaps Linux Libertine, I can show it directly on here.

Header 1

Header 2

Header 3

Header 4