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Happy New Year! 2017

2017 written in fireworks by Brigitte Tohm

I am not much for resolutions, but I have decided on three particular goals in my writing for this coming year.


The first thing I want to do is to finish my revisions on the horror novella Änglamakerskan (Angelmaker is the literal translation) so I can publish it. What’s left is to expand it to 25K words, and polish the language some more.

Stockholm Sentinels

I want to have finished two storylines before the end of 2017. The first storyline is the one I’m working on right now, which has the team meet up and together escape the clockwork prison they are in. I’m still undecided on what the second storyline is, we’ll see where I want to go once the first one is done.

All of the members have their own "archnemesis", from the more mundane ones (like the PhD student Corona isn’t interested in) to the mumble, mumble, not-wanting-to-spoil, mumble, mumble that Eila owes mumble, mumble, mumble.

Write, revise, query one manuscript

And the final goal I’ve set for myself is to focus on a single manuscript. Finish writing it, revise it, and then start querying it.

There are two novels that I will be working on, where one takes the priority, and the other will be picked up if I have time after the first one.

Last Priestess of Ran

Set in the year of 996CE in what is now western Sweden and up into eastern Norway. Helga Ramn Yngvesdotter has left her home together with her close friend, the thrall Saga, after the brutal execution of Helga’s father and step-mother. Her father was the lineage Jarl of their family (Håkebyätten), and without brothers or uncles, Helga claimed that title for herself. However, with only a handful of villagers, and a single warrior, still alive, she has to gather allies wherever she can find them, if she is to have any hope of avenging her father’s death.

The story is told from two perspectives:

  1. Helga Ramn Yngvesdotter: The daughter of a thrall–stolen from Nubia and sold in Constantinople–and the Jarl who took her as his wife. She was raised as his child, with all the benefits that entails. She knows that she will be underestimated due to her gender, and also that her father trusted her and had faith in her abilities.
  2. Saga: Born to a thrall, she was at an early age picked to be Helga’s companion. She was taught herbs and oils, both to be able to act as a healer and midwife, and to be able to care for Helga’s hair and skin without destroying her natural colouring.

Ghost-whisperer, working title

The story is a contemporary one, following Yrsa, a young woman whose life has been hard from the very beginning (she was found abandoned within hours after her birth). Yrsa can communicate with victims of fatal domestic violence (or at least some of them–she has never managed to find the ghost of her mother, whose body was recovered and identified as her mother’s six years afterwards), and when circumstances leads her back into the company of a police officer she once knew, they team up to bring killers to justice.